Paris and beauty of its culture

The world culture itself derived from French term “colere” it means “to till”. This place has taken a special place in people’s mind. Paris is not less than what anyone can imagine. Culture of Paris is all about art, music, museum, festivals and much more. Paris is world of fashion. Paris is hub of world. This city is cultural and business hub. Paris developed so much from 19th century.

I was told by a friend of mine who is currently workign over that people in Paris speak French. Many visitors think that English is language which is understand and spoken in all countries but French people are slightly different they take their language very seriously. There is governing body Academia Française whose function is to protect the French language and adding and determining new worlds of French. So whenever you visit this place buy and take a guide book or hire a traveller agent who knows French language.

French food is very famous food. Especially the French desserts are remarkably yummiest and its presentation is mouthwatering. Macrons, tiramisu, mousse, breads etc are amazing. Wine and cheese are two things they use a lot and are also source of nation pride. Due to popularity of French cuisines many chef go to France to be trained.

French people celebrate their national day which is called “Bastille Day” on every year 14 July. They celebrate it through military parades, concerts, balls and firework.

Culture and tradition of Malaysia

Malaysia is located in Southeastern side of Asia. It shares border with Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. Capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia has 13 states and 3 federal territories. The states and territories are divided between two regions; Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. Peninsular Malaysia has 11 states and 2 territories while East Malaysia has 2 states and 1 federal territory.

As par my friend who works at Vancouver BC Tree Service He said that  according to one survey Muslims contribute 61.3% of total population, 19.8% Buddhism, 9.2% Christianity, 6.3% Hinduism, 1.3% Chinese. However, Malaysia claims freedom of religion so all are equally allow following their practices. Islam is official religion of Malaysia due to majority of Muslims in Malaysia.

Malaysia has a multiple cultural activities. Malay language is spoken by Malaysians. In Malaysian language it is called “Bahasa Malaysia”. This language is very similar to Indonesian language.  

They respect their elders and honored them. Loyalty, respect and unity are integral element of family bonding.  They usually support their family member; emotionally and financially.

They strive to maintain face. They considered the face to be lost while criticizing openly, insulting someone in public, challenging someone in private or especially in public who is in authority, showing anger to another, not keeping promises and refusal of someone’s request, etc.

The greeting styles are different according to Muslin, Hindus, Chinese and Malays. Chinese people usually shake hand with same and opposite gender and they lower their eyes which show respect towards the other person. While Muslims and Hindus shake hand in same gender and in opposite gender they smile and node their head down to show the respect and honor. Malay doesn’t shake hand in opposite gender. In same gender they do so.

Exchange of gifts is a trend in every society. In Thailand if Chinese people invite to at home, it is always great idea to bring some sweets, chocolates or pastries to them. The host refuses to take the gift at first because it considered host a greedy but they keep after insisting them again and again. If Malays and Indians invite you at home, don’t give them alcohol as a gift. Always give them good quality chocolates, pastries etc which is great option. Give them Halal things. Never gift a scissor or knife or any other carving item because it is considered worse for relationship. Gifts are not opened when received. Always give gift with two hands if gift is big enough to hold or with right hand in case of smaller item.

Afghanistan and its beautiful cites

At Dentist in Syracuse, my muslim friend was telling me that Afghanistan is a country that has a unique history and civilization values. This city is full of beauty and many historic sights. Visitors from around the globe come to explore the beauty of Afghanistan. There are many famous and beautiful cities of Afghanistan.


In 1776 Kabul became the capital of Afghanistan and still it is. Kabul has very old history. This city has been gone through many damages during 1779-2001 wars. This city is renovating and is underdevelopment. There are many beautiful and must visited sights are Bagh-e-Babur, Bagh-e- Zanana, Bagh-e-Bala, Darul Aman Palace, National Museum of Afghanistan, Paghman Garden, Mausoleum of Nadir Shah and Zahir Shah and many more places.


Balkh is located in northwest of Afghanistan. This city is a major historic sight of Afghanistan. Balkh has a great importance and famous due to three main reasons; this great historic city has been survived three millenniums, this city is reputed a great scholarships and mysticism and this city has gone so far in terms of import export business. Balkh is also called “a mother of cities”. This city has a great collection of Buddhist construction and fortifications that evoke of old Asian culture. Green Mosque and Nine Domes Mosque are amazing sights.


Kandahar is one of the largest cities of Afghanistan. It plays an important role in history of Afghanistan as well. This city is economic, cultural, business, social and political hub. Friday Mosque is great place to see, this is holy place of Muslims; this place is also called “Heart of Afghanistan”.


Herat city is located in western side of Afghanistan and the most ancient city. It has many likeable ruins. World know this city by name of “Diamond of Asia” in many literature books. People of Herat are very religious than Kabul and are very hostile and friendly. Friday Mosque, The Herat Citadel and many more places to visit in Herat. This is such an iconic place.

Japan and its culture

Japan is one of the best places to spend vacations with family or friends. Japan is one of the best places for fun. Japan is full of adventure. People of Japan speak the Japanese language. 99% of people speak Japanese. This language is not only spoken by Japanese but also by other nationals.

I was researching about this place when i remember about one of my friend who was in there for a long time. He was currently working over Kitchen Remodeling Fort Lauderdale. I decided to meet him in there. He told me that  Japan has an amazing norm or tradition. In Japan it is considered so insulting if you give tips to waiters etc. A tip taker chase back to the person who gave tip and give money back to him. Walking and eating in public also considered rude but exception is only for cone ice-cream that it’s ok to eat it in public. Blowing nose in public is also considered so rude and disgusting. Even the use of handkerchief is also repelled by Japanese culture. In normal practice host serve drink to guests and then pour drink for himself but in Japanese culture host serve to guests and do not pour drink for him because it is considered rude. Guests pour drink for host. It is strange but true. In generally slurping is considered bad manners but in Japan slurping means you are enjoying your food and food is amazing.

Japanese people wait to be introduced by someone else in a large gathering rather than to be introducing him. It is important to show and give proper respect to others by bowing. The deeper you bow means more respect for that person.

Japanese give gifts when they visit someone’s home. Good quality chocolates in proper wrap up is good way to give gift. When you give gift always give it in odd number but number should not be 9. Do not open you gift when it is given (at front of giver). Flowers are considered a great gift in all cultures but wait, in Japan never give white flower because they are connected with funerals.

Best Tips to Achieve Success With A Travel

For explorers, beginning a travel blog is not a terrible thought by any stretch of the imagination. By sharing your thoughts and travel encounters, you don’t just infer delight however you additionally get a chance to profit on the web. Enthusiastic voyagers, for example, Kate (of Adventurous Kate), Matt (of Nomadic Matt), Earl (of Wandering Earl) and Stephanie (of Twenty Something Travel) have been effective in transforming their travel websites into full-time organizations, which gains them great measure of cash.

There are many such bloggers who have made progress with their travel sites. On the off chance that you have a solid enthusiasm for voyaging as well, you shouldn’t miss the chance of setting up your own particular travel blog. While beginning a blog about travel takes just two or three minutes, overseeing it effectively may take months or years.

In the event that you need to make your travel blog truly exceptional, abstain from discussing goals, urban areas or towns externally. There are a lot of travel sites that offer general data on prevalent travel goals around the globe. What you have to do on your blog is offer remarkable encounters or things or exercises that not very many individuals will once in a while get a possibility (or even think) to do or appreciate. With regards to sharing your travel encounters, you ought to likewise have the capacity to do it in an expressive way.

You can go to wherever or city of the world and enjoy the same number of fascinating exercises as you may discover. In any case, on the off chance that you can’t share your story in your own special style, it will just weaken the effect that you need to make. Consequently, it’s essential that you figure out how to compose well. Regardless, abstain from duplicating any other individual’s style. Rather build up your own (in the event that you would prefer not to exhaust perusers).